The Team

  • Bruce Rippon - CEO

    Real Estate - UK & Europe Investments - Acquisitions - Consultancy

    A former banker with a fifteen year track record as a property developer, consultant and business owner. Over 200 high end projects completed in Central London. Particular skill set has been the formation of project teams and overall construction management, recruitment of key advisors, planners and strategic partners. A former CEO of Zeus Investment Management, involved in the brokering, finance, construction and sale of International ski and sea resorts. Entrepreneur with investments in many private start ups, having formerly worked in stock and commodity broking.
  • Patrick Newman - Legal

    Real Estate - USSR & CIS Investments - Acquisitions - Consultancy

    Fifteen year track record in the former USSR and Central Eastern Europe with particular expertise in putting together strong operational teams to execute projects. Patrick is a UK native and speaks Russian, Italian and French. Oxford University educated with a legal background.
  • Paul Sawford - Architect & Interior Designer

    Paul has over twenty years experience in the UK and Internationally as a specialist interior designer and architect for the leisure and high end residential industry. Paul prides himself on his ability to understand and visualise from the outset any project no matter the jurisdiction or scale of the project. Working on multi million pound projects all over the world with differing cultures Paul has learnt through experience the differing styles, aspirations and dreams from affluent private clients and corporations. This background enables Paul to rapidly create synegies in style and thinking with clients. Paul uses cutting edge materials and combining his flexible design flare ensures that all his customers receive projects that are as unique and individual as they are. Paul remains at the forefront of luxury interiors and has a multi-level understanding of marketing, advertising and presentation by using the very latest computer software to create the spaces and designs through to the advertising artwork and corporate identity. Being an accomplished fine art painter also, he is able to offer a unique artistic visualised view to create a more refreshing side of the finished design.